The Singing Bells of Mars

Post date: Aug 26, 2016 11:21:56 AM

An Electronic Space Rock "Sci-fi Music" Compilation celebrating the theme of "Mars" 

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    Much ink has been laid down to paper by Science Fiction writers throughout the years on the subject of our close celestial neighbour: Mars. Shrouded in mystery and legend, many authors have depicted either long extinct civilisations, or even possibly civilisations which my still survive but hidden to our attempts at locating. 

This Electronic Space Rock compilation album celebrates the Martian theme and is titled "The Singing Bells of Mars".  On this album you will find a selection of tracks which have that give the right mood for an inner voyage to Mars, where you fill in the scenes with your music induced imagery.

Artists on this compilation include The Roboter, Sequential Dreams, with guest artist Kori L Carothers, and The Color of Sleep to close the set.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS IS A COMPILATION ALBUM (of previously released tracks) - You can find more artist and album information below

Track# / Track Title / Project (Featured Artist)/ Album where initially published 

1. Like Tears in Rain, The Roboter, The Motoko Files: Cyber Prophecy 

2. Red Planet, The Roboter, Trans-Europa Infobahn 

3. The Singing Bells of Mars, Sequential Dreams, Fantastic Stories 

4. I Can Remember the Rain, Sequential Dreams, Fantastic Stories 

5. Legacy, Sequential Dreams, L3G4CY 

6. The Kindly Beast, Sequential Dreams (Kori L Carothers), Legends 

7. Approaching Galactic Core, Sequential Dreams, Fantastic Stories 

8. Secure Positions, The Roboter, The Motoko Files: Cyber Prophecy 

9. CloudWhite I, The Color of Sleep, Cloud White 

Album Image Artwork (c) Andreas Schwietzke 

Canadian composer and Borders Edge Records founder Ron Charron composes, performs, and produces under the above project names. Where featured/guest artists are included, they are shown above in parentheses following the project name.

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