The FOUNDATION compilation album 

offers a selection of tracks by Sequential Dreams

and inspire by Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" series of Sci-Fi novels.

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Released September 24, 2021

With the release of "Foundations" (inspired by the sci-fi series of novels by Isaac Asimov" (available on Apple TV+) it was time to assemble this compilation inspired by the theme. As an avid fan of Asimov, and the Foundation series in particular, there is no denying that his work has often been a source of inspiration in many sci-fi inspired Borders Edge Music titles. Note: Borders Edge Music has no affiliation with Apple. The music in this album contains no content from Apple or other interests associated with the TV series, and the reference is for informational purposes only. 

This compilation album highlights Foundation theme tracks taken from these previously released Sequential Dreams albums: 

The Exodus Wave: With Bernhard Beibl, Chris Pearre, Kuutana 

Metamorphic Waves: By Kuutana (Ron Charron) 

The Infinite Divide: With Arend Westra (a.k.a. "Eagle Synth", Kuutana 

Legends: Guest artists Bernhard Beibl, Kuutana 

Lost Dimensions: With Johan Tronestam, Kuutana 

Track Listing 

1. Pleiadian Prophecy (Beibl, Pearre, Kuutana) 06:57

2. The Arcbuilders 05:56

3. Beyond Darkness 11:38

4. Breath of Life (Westra, Kuutana) 06:18

5. Mission to Shangri-La (Beibl, Kuutana) 06:12

6. The Deconstruction of Falling Stars 05:47

7. One Thousand Years (Tronestam, Kuutana) 06:00 Descendents 14:04

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