In Search of Forever 

 A Sequential Dreams Compilation

The dream of eternity, life beyond the confines of our mortality. 

The theme has inspired humanity in all spheres of thought, 

from science, to religion and of course, music

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This Berlin School of Electronic Music influenced compilation album features selected works from the Sequential Dreams project.

Featuring two previously unreleased tracks "Divide by Zero", and "The Fountain of Youth". 

Also, with selected tracks from these Sequential Dreams albums 

"The Infinite Divide"  (details) 

"The Exodus wave" (details) 

"Legends" (details) 

"L3G4CY" (details) 

All tracks composed by Ron Charron except "Subspace Breach" which also features guitar contributions by Bernhard Beibl. 

(c) 2016, 2017 Sequential Dreams 

Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by Ron Charron 

Borders Edge Studios, Canada 

(P) 2017 A Borders Edge Records production 

We'd like to thank your premium subscriber Craig Shipley for his ongoing support of Borders Edge projects!

Released May 19, 2017