Dark Flight

Sounds of psy/art/post rock, but also a healthy serving of synthesized ambiences and soundscapes


    The "Dark Flight" album offers a crossover of genres, borrowing from flavors of "art" and "psychedelic" instrumental rock but always within a strong envelope of ambient electronic music. A newer designation, "Post-Rock" is associated with music originating from an instrumental rock background but which often uses the traditional rock instruments as textural and sonic instruments to create instrumental tapestries that also often blend with ambient and synthesizer created soundscapes. 

This compilation album, titled "Dark Flight" presents a selection of tracks chosen for their darker but ethereal characteristics. You will find many of the traditional sounds of psy/art/post rock, but also a healthy serving of synthesized ambiences and soundscapes. 

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during this album's early release stage. 

Starting Sunday August 21 Midnight ET/US, 9pm PT/US, 6am CET, 5am UK 

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Wednesday Midnight CET 

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released August 21, 2016 


Although versions of the tracks on this album have previously been released in the albums listed below, two brand new tracks are also included, never before released on any album (*) 

Track# / Track Title / Artist / Album where initially published 

(*) 1. Dark Flight, Midnight Airship, Previously unreleased 

2. Mojave Midnight, Sequential Dreams (Bernhard Beibl, Kuutana), Legends 

3. Across Dimensions, Sequential Dreams (Altocirrus, Kuutana), Lost Dimensions 

4. Flugzeug, The Roboter, Trans-Europa InfoBahn 

5. The Chase, The Roboter, Trans-Europa InfoBahn 

6. Stormchaser, Starship Trooper, The Great Pond in the Sky 

(*) 7. For Whom the Bell Tolls, Midnight Airship, Previously unreleased 

8. Second Horizon, Kuutana, Second Horizon 

9. Magellan, Kuutana, Waking Sun 

Album artwork image (c) 2016 Jean-Luc and Ron Charron 

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