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Music From The Borders Edge

  • Starship Earth

    Themed in support of both Environment Day and Oceans Day
    All life on this planet is riding on Starship Earth 

    Released on a week marked by both Environment Day and Oceans Day, this compilation of themed tracks selected from Borders Edge Project Albums marks the critical fact that all life on this planet is riding on Starship Earth and is entirely dependent on its life support systems for their continued existence.

    Track#, Track Name, Original Album Name, Project Name, Artist(s) 
    01: Ocean Sunset Romance, Undiscovered Shores, Kuutana, Ron Charron 
    02: A Voice in the Wilderness, Chrysalis, Sequential Dreams, Ron Charron 
    03: Breath of Life, The Infinite Divide, Sequential Dreams, Arend Westra and Ron Charron 
    04: White Sailboat Out on the Blue Sea, Sunset Dreams, Sundown Cafe, Celestial View and Kuutana 
    05: Canyon Daydreams, Star Lost, Sequential Dreams, Ron Charron 
    06: Canyon Oasis, Legends, Sequential Dreams, Bernhard Beibl and Ron Charron 
    07: Purple Twilight, Learning to Fly, Midnight Airship, Ron Charron 
    08: Destination Terra, Quantum Earth, Sequential Dreams, Johan Tronestam and Ron Charron 
    09: Between Me and The Sea, Falling Towards Atlantis, Luna Firma, Eric 'the' Taylor and Ron Charron 
    10: Terra, Second Horizon, Kuutana, Ron Charron
    Posted May 29, 2022, 12:16 PM by Ron Charron
  • In Memoriam - A Tribute to Vangelis
    This compilation album of Borders Edge Music artists pays tribute to 
    the inspiration of the pre-orchestral music of the artist known as VANGELIS.
    Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou 29 March 1943 – 17 May 2022

    Released May 20,  2021

    It is with great sadness I learned of the passing of Vangelis this week. He was such a great inspiration to so many musicians. Though fans will find no better than listening to his wide repertoire of music in memory of the great master, I decided to compile a selection of my project tracks in memory of his passing. A part of the healing process. This compilation focuses on the inspirations of his early-mid years as he created beautiful synthesizer-based soundscapes. Available for free download until the end of May (2022). May you enjoy the memory of Vangelis' fabulous music, as much as I have...
    No music from VANGELIS nor any cover songs are in this album. 
    The tracks are all original material from artists 
    Luna Firma (Kuutana, Eric 'the' Taylor) 
    Sequential Dreams 
    The Roboter 

    Kuutana, The Roboter, and Sequential Dreams are project names used by Ron Charron. 

    Sourced from albums (available here on Bandcamp) 
    Luna Firma: New Horizons 
    Kuutana: L'esprit des eaux 
    Kutuana: Undiscovered Shores 
    Kuutana: Waking Sun 
    Kuutana: Rebirth 
    The Roboter: The Motoko files 
    Sequential Dreams: The Exodus Wave 


    Posted May 20, 2022, 8:11 AM by Ron Charron
  • Foundation

    The FOUNDATION compilation album 
    offers a selection of tracks by Sequential Dreams
    and inspire by Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" series of Sci-Fi novels.

    Released September 24, 2021

    With the release of "Foundations" (inspired by the sci-fi series of novels by Isaac Asimov" (available on Apple TV+) it was time to assemble this compilation inspired by the theme. As an avid fan of Asimov, and the Foundation series in particular, there is no denying that his work has often been a source of inspiration in many sci-fi inspired Borders Edge Music titles. Note: Borders Edge Music has no affiliation with Apple. The music in this album contains no content from Apple or other interests associated with the TV series, and the reference is for informational purposes only. 

    This compilation album highlights Foundation theme tracks taken from these previously released Sequential Dreams albums: 
    The Exodus Wave: With Bernhard Beibl, Chris Pearre, Kuutana 
    Metamorphic Waves: By Kuutana (Ron Charron) 
    The Infinite Divide: With Arend Westra (a.k.a. "Eagle Synth", Kuutana 
    Legends: Guest artists Bernhard Beibl, Kuutana 
    Lost Dimensions: With Johan Tronestam, Kuutana 

    YouTube Video

    Track Listing 
    1. Pleiadian Prophecy (Beibl, Pearre, Kuutana) 06:57
    2. The Arcbuilders 05:56
    3. Beyond Darkness 11:38
    4. Breath of Life (Westra, Kuutana) 06:18
    5. Mission to Shangri-La (Beibl, Kuutana) 06:12
    6. The Deconstruction of Falling Stars 05:47
    7. One Thousand Years (Tronestam, Kuutana) 06:00 Descendents 14:04
    Posted Sep 22, 2021, 4:09 PM by Ron Charron
  • Tales of Time and Space

    The Tales of Time and Space compilation album 
    offers a selection of tracks by Sequential Dreams, 
    The Color of Sleep, and Kuutana. 
    Listen as Energy transforms gradually into Time and Space.

    released September 14, 2021  
    Time and Space are dimensions we travel through every moment of our life. Despite any belief we may have of remaining still, The gravitational pull between the Earth and Sun causes the Earth to travel around, or "orbit", the Sun at a velocity of 29.8 km/sec. At the same time, the Earth also turns on its axis causing the daily cycle of day and night. This "rotational velocity" is approximately .47 km/sec. That means that at the same time we're hurdling through space at nearly 67,000 mph, we're also spinning around in circles at over 1000 mph. And yet, human-kind continues to imagine and invent means to traverse space at faster speeds and resulting in experiencing time dilation, perhaps our only ability to directly affect our travel in time. 
    This compilation album honours the Tales of Time and Space, which are ever present.

    All source albums produced by Borders Edge Music and are available on Bandcamp. Also visit for more background on artists and albums. 

    A compilation of Borders Edge artist tracks

    Part 1: Electronic / Sequencer New Berlin School Music 
    Track 1: Hyperspace, with the contributions of Altocirrus and Kuutana, from the album L3G4CY by Sequential Dreams. 
    Track 2: Distant Signals, with Dave Davis and Kuutana, from the album "Lost Dimensions" by Sequential Dreams. 
    Track 3: Across Dimensions. with Altocirrus and Kuutana, also from "Lost Dimensions". 
    Track 4: Event Horizon, with Bernhard Beibl and Kuutana, from the album "Legends" by Sequential Dreams. 
    Track 5: Subspace Breach, with Bernhard Beibl and Kuutana, from "The Exodus Wave" by Sequential Dreams. 
    Track 6: "Diachronic Verbs in Temporal Sentences - Part 2", from "Chrysalis" album by Sequential Dreams. 
    Track 7: "Countdown to Launch", from "The Exodus Wave" by Sequential Dreams. 
    Track 8: "Diachronic Verbs in Temporal Sentences - Part 4", from "Chrysalis" album by Sequential Dreams. 

    Part 2: Electronic Space Ambient Music 

    Track 9: "Starlight Cove", from Kuutana's "L'esprit des eaux" album. 
    Track 10: "Timeless", from Kuutana's "Rebirth" album. 
    Posted Sep 22, 2021, 10:16 AM by Ron Charron
  • Connected Spaces
    Album Cover by Ron Charron (c) 2021

    The Connected Spaces compilation album offers a selection of tracks by Sequential Dreams, 
    The Color of Sleep, and Kuutana. 
    Listen as Energy transforms gradually into Space and Time.  

    Album Launch Alert! You can hear the album on radio starting 
    Friday July 9 at 2pm 7pm EST, 10am 4pm PST, UK at 7pm and 20:00 CEST, 
    Sat Jul 10, 2021 at Midnight UK, 01:00 CEST, 10pm PST. 
    Sunday Jul 11 at 1am 8am 9pm EST, 5am 6pm PST, 6am 1pm UK, 07:00 14:00 CEST. 
    Monday Jul 12 at 2am UK, 03:00 CEST. 
    You can listen using a player on or listen at

    A compilation of Borders Edge artist tracks

    Part 1: Electronic / Sequencer New Berlin School Music 
    1. Ever Ending Story "Sequential Dreams: Chrysalis album
    2. Moments of Transition 
    3. Chrysalis 
    4. Connected Spaces "Sequential Dreams - Previously unreleased

    Part 2: Electronic Space Ambient Music 
    7. Cloud White IV "The Color of Sleep: Cloud White" 
    8. Between Heaven and Earth: "Kuutana - Previously unreleased
    9. Deep Blue "The Color of Sleep - Previously unreleased

    Posted Jul 7, 2021, 9:55 AM by Ron Charron
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