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Sequential Dreams

L3G4CY Album By Sequential Dreams
Sequential Dream’s fifth album, titled Legacy (“L3G4CY”), is so named in honor of the passing of the late Edgar Froese of the celebrated Berlin School EM style composer, musician, and producer of the genre-defining ensemble Tangerine Dream. Mr. Froese is quoted as saying “There is no death, there is just a change of our cosmic address”. And it’s with this in mind that the L3G4CY album cover and album track titles portray this new cosmic address. Though there is no substituting the creative talent of the late Mr. Froese, listeners will recognize musical sounds and idioms that are very familiar to the TD or EF listener.  Visit L3G4CY Album Page for news and reviews!
 "Quantum Earth" Release

 "Once upon a time, 10,000 light years away and ten thousand years into the future will live the descendants of a small blue planet remembered as Terra, the homeworld. As they discover the Universe Builder's machine planet and Quantum Drive, they set on reconstructing and revisiting their homeworld, its solar system and its history."
Born out of this evolving short story and music by Kuutana, and with the musical talents of Austria's Celestial View, Finland's Johan Tronestam, California's Chris Pearre (a.k.a. "Synthesist"), and Canada's "The Roboter", Borders Edge Records introduces this Sci-fi and Berlin School EM landscape with the introduction of Sequential Dreams' fourth album titled "Quantum Earth".
"Cosmic Touch" Release

In this third Sequential Dreams album released Nov. 23, 2013, nine artists from nine countries across Asia, Europe, and The Americas have come together to produce an exceptional tribute to the best elements of Classic, Progressive Electronic Music. 

This collection of original compositions by artists with the "Cosmic Touch" : Johan Tronestam of Finland, Cousin Silas of the UK, Wolfgang Roth of Germany, Celestial View of Austria, Ryo Utasato of Japan, Jampy Keys of Italy, Daniel Wolf of Russia, Synthesist from the USA and finally Kuutana from Canada. 

This is an album for the listener who loves classic synthesizer sequences, arpeggios and leads, but also progressive music inspired electric guitars, drums and percussions all served with the textures of complementing ambient sounds that make the listening experience a repeat attraction! 

Mastered with precision and love at Borders Edge Music Studio in Canada. 
(P) Borders Edge Music 
© 2013 Sequential Dreams


<< “Fantastic Stories” is a delicious find which deviates from the usual of EM by eyeing more towards good electronic rock, tinted by a light accent of synth-pop, without denying at all the roots of the cosmic and futuristic New Berlin School. Creative and very musical, Kuutana Serenity, or Sequential Dreams, does not hesitate to unfold the path of his influences which complement each others marvellously in a sound pattern which sometimes bites into the dusts of Blade Runner. It's like a blend of Robert Schroeder, Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre beating hell over very Vangelis synth pads. I quite enjoyed it. It's very good and of a surprising musical freshness. Available on the Sequential Dreams Bandcamp site as well as on CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon.
Sylvain Lupari (July 24th, 2013) >>  Synths & Sequences Magazine

Aurora (released 02 January 2011)

Evocative, evolving and progressive, this album entrances the listener in a wide range of ambient electronic arpeggiated melodies and rhythmic backdrops that produce expansive sonic landscapes. 
Sequential Dreams' music weaves intricate sequencer patterns with evolving dreamy sound textures. The music of Sequential Dreams is sometimes reminiscent of a style characterized by the later years of Berlin School of electronic music and at others approa
ching the Dusseldorf school. 

Evocative of Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Jan Hammer, Mike Oldfield, and Larry Fast (Synergy), the Aurora album will certainly appeal to listeners who enjoy these artists. 

Composed and performed by Canadian composer Kuutana, who uses synthesizers, virtual and natural instruments to create soundscapes intented to create engaging musical adventures. Ron started creating sonicscapes using analog synthesizers in the late'70s with Roland, Moog and Korg mini-modular synthesizers and has also been publishing slower paced ambient music under the artist name Kuutana. In his most recent album, under Sequential Dreams, the Aurora album makes use of software and hardware-based sound synthesis and includes a rich selection of musical idioms, with varied-pace, evolving, progressive electronic music and features a rich and diverse palette of rich, lush, rhythmic ambiance. 

The MP3 Album is available on  CD Baby,  iTunesAmazon, Napster, Rhapsody, ZuneBandcamp and others.


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  • L3G4CY Album Review by Synth&Sequences "I quite liked this balance between the heavy but nervous e-rock and those more ethereal atmospheres. Between these old tones and those more contemporary in the last miles of Edgar. It's the beautiful recipe, a little daring, for another attractive work of the global collective that is Sequential Dreams."A Review of Sequential Dream's Fifth Album "L3G4CY"By Sylvain Lupari, Synth&Sequences, April 1, 2015 Click here for full review at Synth&SequencesVisit Store" ...Quite appealing album from Sequential Dreams entitled simply but esthetically “L3G4CY”. And that begins with the title-track which, imho, is the best of this collection of 10 tracks. Arabian murmurs and contemporary chords open an intro which throws us for a ...
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  • L3G4CY Album Review by George Miler "Jaw-droppingly good"A Review of Sequential Dream's Fifth Album "L3G4CY"By George Miler, March 24, 2015Visit Store   There aren’t many things I enjoy better than immersing myself in a luxurious soundscape. For the record, there are things I like more. A week ago on the first spring-like day I got my car inspected. One of the other customers wanted to chat and said how good it was to be able to drive with the windows down. The chorus of agreements came, including my “the best feeling in the world.” But I misspoke. Compared to winter’s lingering drear, it certainly felt like it at that moment. Even so, I was eagerly looking forward to ...
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