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2024-02-11  Midnight Airship on

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<< It is my great pleasure to hand you over to Rick Peuser because it's this week's Rick Peuser

  Trilogy. Warm and pleasant greetings Graham and fellow listeners of the progressive rock show here on the one and only Progzilla radio I am Rick Peuser, and I wish to offer up three tracks that I think are worthy of a listen.

 Each week I try and locate music from all over the world which I enjoy and find interesting and which I want to share with others.  There is so much music out there to enjoy folks. This week I have selections from these artists:

As a longtime professional archivist one of my areas of expertise was the United States Navy's short-lived adventures in lighter-than-air craft called airships.

  I used to work with the records and found the whole era fascinating. So when one combines airships with Prague, I am literally on cloud nine

  Midnight Airship is a musical moniker of Quebec's Ron Charron, a musician, composer and producer. There are just no bones about it.

  Heavily, and I mean heavily influenced by all things Pink Floyd including their last official release 2014's The Endless River.

  Charron took ample inspiration from them, but instead of creating a Pink Floyd tribute band He assimilated and incorporated that unique Floydian soundscape into his own brand of music. In addition, Charron also leverages all that he has learned over the years from listening and playing in bands and recording genres including ambient Berlin school electronic rock, kraut rock and finally smooth jazz into his mix.

  Midnight Airship has recorded two full-length albums, A River Once Flowed Here in 2014 and Learning to Fly in 2020. From his freshman effort A River Once Flowed Here.

  I'm highlighting the track Midnight Airdrop, an atmospheric and cinematic gem that evolves with energy and focus Michael Oldfield meets David Gilmour. Oh and the album art is just sensational!

Here is Midnight Airdrop. I hope you enjoy it! >>

Midnight Airship is available to stream on most subscription music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, YT Music, Spotify, and many others.

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