High Voltage - Featuring Bernhard Beibl

"Featuring the "High Voltage" contributions of guitarist and violinist Bernhard Beibl."

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This Borders Edge Records Compilation features a selection of Electronic Rock tracks featuring the "High Voltage" contributions of guitarist and violinist Bernhard Beibl.

Released May 26, 2017 

Bernhard Beibl was born and raised close to Vienna, Austria. 

After learning violin for 8 years he added playing guitar at the age of 14. 

He studied Jazz-Guitar at Joseph Haydn Conservatory Eisenstadt, Austria with Gerald Gradwohl were he graduated with distinction. 

Guitarist of Tangerine Dream 2006-2014 

Guitarist and Violinist on Sequential Dreams projects 2016 and 2017. 

Visit berhardbeibl.com for news and information. 

Other artists featured on this album 

Ron Charron: All tracks, Synthesizers, Guitars, Arrangements 

Chris Pearre: Keyboards/Synths on "Pleadian Prophecy" 

Arend Westra: Keyboards/Synths on "Booster Separation" 

Writes Owen Maxwell, in a review for Ottawa Magazine (printed magazine) June 2, 2017

 << Those killer instrumental albums can be the perfect soundtrack to a movie you haven't seen yet but will make up as you listen. "Telemetry" bubbles with electric mystery as it pushes forth into different dark and brooding frontiers, but with the ever-shrieking guitar, it always has a sense of raw power in its drive that makes it feel like fun retro music but somehow new. Like a dawn, "Event Horizon" breathes with hope and wonder like a rising sun and not the black hole its title suggests, but as it moves into more prog electronics and organs a heavier overtone starts to take shape setting the mood for the wailing and exploring path the song soon follows. Moving straight to a scoring tone "Subspace Breach" ripples with electric drive, fluttering like a futuristic X-Files theme, before the guitars shift it to a more 80's sci-fi feeling that once again places it somewhere between nostalgia and a new discovery. Going high and low, "Mission To Shangri-La" pushes its bass rumbles to allow cascading synth lines to take shape around it, even at times shifting to more emulative sounds that suggest actions taking place, and creating an audio narrative in the process. >>

Tracks from this compilation album were selected from these Sequential Dreams albums also available on Bandcamp: 

"The Exodus Wave" (2017) 

"Legends" (2016) 

Available: sequentialdreams.bandcamp.com 


Ricochet Dreams (on Discogs)



Albums mixed and produced by Ron Charron at Borders Edge Studios in Canada 

(c) 2016, 2017 Sequential Dreams 

(P) Borders Edge Records 

bordersedge.com for more details, reviews, interviews, and information. 

Album Cover Photo (c) Andreas Müller www.muellerphotos.com