The Exodus Wave Interview - Chris Pearre

posted Dec 28, 2016, 3:15 PM by Ron Charron   [ updated Jan 22, 2017, 6:04 AM ]

"Musical ideas converge to make a true synergy. 
The album has a nice continuity and flow seamlessly from one track to the next!"
Chris Pearre Interview (by Wolf Red) - January 2017

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The following is the transcript of an interview with Radio show host Wolf Red

Wolf Red: Can you say a few words about some of your favorite synthesizers used during the production of  the Pleiadian Prophecy  track on The Exodus Wave album?
Chris: I used a Korg Kronos for the main theme with some Karma scene programming. The Kronos is my main axe and go to synth, an extremely versatile and expressive instrument. The additional tracks are a series of arpegiator tracks with my new Sequential Prophet 6.  Rich and fat analog warmness. My first analog synth since the 80's! The first sound you hear is a sample that was manipulated in FL Studio. That sample reminded me of alien sounds.

Wolf Red: How do feel about about the sound of the Pleiadian Prophecy track and “The Exodus Wave” album sound as a whole?

I love all the tracks and think that Ron (Charron, aka.: Kuutana) is a genius when it comes to blending different musical ideas that converge to make a true synergy. The album has a nice continuity and flow seamlessly from one track to the next!

Wolf Red: Your other project work under the project name “Synthesist” also seems to have some tangential inspirations from the Tangerine Dream sound. Can you say a few words about this and other influences?
Chris: In the 70's, the sound of Synthesizers emerged changing the nature of how music was created. Early electronic music coming from Europe really bent my ear...Tangerine Dream has always been a major influence and one of my favorites. Tonto's Expanding Head Band, Synergy, Kraftwerk, ELP, Rick Wakeman & Jan Hammer to name a few, have all contributed to the dawn of synthesis by breaking new ground and taking us on journeys unimagined.

Pleiadian Prophecy (track excerpt from The Exodus Wave)

Wolf Red: 
The track name "Pleiadian Prophecy" was chosen by you. Can you say a few words to share the inspiration behind the name? 

Chris: The intro sample sounds alien so I named it Pleiadian (after the Pleiades constellation) and Prophecy to tell an unknown story, unheard by human ears.

Wolf Red: There seems to be a renewed interest in synthwave and other synthesizer-heavy types of music with a touch of retro and 80s. What are your thoughts on this?  Do your feel your music and that of Sequential Dreams fit into this trend or is it something different?

Chris: I remember back when it was all called "electronic music". The 80's were a big boom to bringing synthesizers to the front line versus guitar driven music. I loved all the synth pop hits from the likes of Thomas Dolby, Depeche Mode, Howard Jones, Ultravox and Duran Duran. 
I call my music electronic but people tend to define it as New Age or Ambient. We have been creating music like this since the 80's so I do not feel that it's a new trend we are following. The game changed in recent years as we all now have home studios with computers, sequencers, midi and multi-timbral synths. Before, we had to pay big bucks to recording studios to over-dub on 16 tracks.
Our music is a collection of electronic music ideas Carefully crafted, mixed and mastered by our front man, Ron Charron (a.k.a.: Kuutana).