Orange Sky 

Borders Edge Special Vol 2

The Second Borders Edge Special Show in Support of Canada's Alberta Fires Victims


Produced by Borders Edge Studios in Canada

Radio Support 

Thanks to Germany's Wolf Red of radio for broadcasting a series of special events shows

Thanks to guest artists Daniel S. Wolf and Ryo Utasato on the Sequential Dreams tracks. 

Music by Borders Edge Artists 

Kuutana, Sequential Dreams, and Midnight Airship 

All profits for this past show were donated to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fires Emergency Appeal Fund. Pay what you want. It's a donation to help the Red Cross help the families that will need food, clothing, medical attention, and to rebuild their lives. 


This compilation album of instrumental music was produced by Borders Edge Music artists in support of the people affected by this terrible tragedy. 


     In early May 2016, a devastating fire of historical proportions forced entire populations of cities and villages of the Canadian province of Alberta to flee, leaving their burning homes behind in flame. Over a 1000 square kms of forest burnt down.