Don't Steal The Light - Borders Edge Special Vol 3

Music From the Borders' Edge Vol 3  Celebrates Light, in its many shapes forms


Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by Borders Edge Studios

Luna Firma - "Light Source" 

Starship Trooper - "Don't Steal The Light" and "Second Star to the Right" 

Kuutana - "First Light" 

Sequential Dreams 

- "The Sea of Stars (with Johan Tronestam)" 

- "Light Years Away" 

- "Light Beyond the Abyss (with Kuutana)" 

- "Aurora Borealis" 

- "Reflections" 

Sundown Cafe - "Midnight Sun" 

Midnight Airship - "A Glimmer of Hope" 

Tracks from Starship Trooper's "The Great Pond in The Sky", Midnight Airship's "A River once Flowed Here", Sequential Dreams "L3G4CY" and "Aurora" albums, Kuutana's "Rebirths", Luna Firma "Light Source" 

Borders Edge Special on Radio Modul303​ - Starting this Sunday May 15th will be called "Don't Steal The Light" - you can listen on this Sunday 6am-7am and then again 2pm to 3pm CET (midnight to 1am ET/US then again at 8am ET/US) and again Monday 20-21h CET (2pm-3pm ET/US) and Wednesday midnight to 1am CET (Tuesday 6pm-7pm ET/US). 

Music from the Luna Firma​, Starship Trooper​, Sundown Cafe​, Sequential Dreams​, Midnight Airship​, and Kuutana​ projects


released May 15, 2016 

    A selection of relaxing instrumental Ambient, New Age, and Space Rock and Electronica from the Borders Edge Record label as played on "The Borders Edge Special" on