Heavily influenced by the stylistic patterns of psy rock pioneers Pink Floyd

Midnight Airship also integrates elements of Berlin School pioneers Tangerine Dream.

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Mixing and Mastering by Ron Charron, Borders Edge Records Studio in Canada's National Capital Region. Published by Borders Edge Music.

Midnight Airship's Second Album: 

Learning to Fly

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This second album by Midnight Airship is a musical story which narrates some of the emotion felt from world events during the course of its development in the four years leading to its release in November 2020. It was published in the wake of a historical day, one where darkness gave way to hope, and the chance to dream of better times in years ahead. 

Released November 11, 2020 

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Album concept, lyrics, and music on all tracks: Ron Charron 

Special thanks to Arend Westra (a.k.a. Eagle Music) for music on Lost in a Dream 

Special thanks to album cover artist Greta Heron

Finally, we have wings which can carry the world beyond the edge. 

Midnight Airship's Debut Album: 

A River Once Flowed Here

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This instrumental debut album for the Midnight Airship strives to satisfy the musical ears and yearnings of inner-voyages using a sound inspired by such classic progressive and psychedelic rock bands such as Pink Floyd.

The album is themed around a sense of hope, that our civilizations can fix the wrongs we've done to our planet and can move towards a balanced existence.

Released December 12, 2014

This album was composed, performed, recorded and produced by Borders Edge Music. 

<<We have listened to the songs. They truly are majestic and most definitely have a place in our playlists. Indeed the Pink Floyd essence captured brilliantly, but still maintaining an absolute core of originality >> (KAOS Sound, Always Floyd Radio)

Album cover Image CC BY-SA 3.0 Alex Kwok - Final composed cover artwork by Jean-Luc Charron

Says Ron, Midnight Airship's founding member who composed, performed and engineered the intro album:

<< I've spent countless hours listening to Pink Floyd during the first few decades of my life. Pink Floyd tracks would often be the first covers I would work on when breaking the ice with a new band.

  We'd often choose a track from either Meddle, Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, Wish You Were Here, or The Wall and instantly we'd get a sense of flow going. We'd get a kick from being able to justify using our echo machines, and various other pedals that made up some of the spices you'd find in those Floyd songs.

Flash forward a few decades, with Floyd's "The Endless River" marking the stated end of the band's long career and ten years after it's previous release, the fire was stoked again.

Over the last several years my time was spent honing music composition and production skills on other projects Kuutana, Sequential Dreams, The Roboter, and Sundown Cafe. These represent an spectrum of genres ranging from ambient, berlin-school electronic rock and "Kraut-Rock", IDM, and finally Chill/Smooth Jazz.

For Midnight Airship, the focus is on producing music that can honor some of the remarkable attributes of the Floyd's sound.

Of course there have been countless Pink Floyd tribute bands over the years. My goal isn't to become one of them. I won't produce Pink Floyd covers.

There are amazing cover bands out there, and I've enjoyed listening to many of them. My goal is to keep the feel of the Floyd sound, while honoring whatever inspirational gifts the moment may offer me. But I expect to be critical of what I produce for the Airship, in that the music will need to be readily catch the attention of Pink Floyd fans and strive to avoid driving them away by breaking character!

I hope some Floyd listeners will lend an ear to my work and be ready to explore "Floydian" music that is not from the Floyd. There is a legacy in the genre that should live on! >>