Borders Edge Special Debuts on Radio

Post date: May 21, 2016 5:46:36 PM

"Seed of Creation" appropriately titled for Music from the Borders Edge's first show to open up the Borders Edge Special series of shows on Germany's 24hr/day streaming radio

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  A selection of relaxing instrumental Ambient, New Age, and Space Rock and Electronica from the Borders Edge Record label as played on "The Borders Edge Special" with Wolf Red on Sunday May 1st, 6am-7am UTC+1 (midnight to 1am ET/US) 

Tracks from Midnight Airship's "A River Once Flowed Here", Sundown Cafe's "Close to Your Heart" on the "Music from The Borders Edge 2013 Sampler", The Roboter's "Trans-Europa InfoBahn", and Kuutana's "Waking Sun" 

Music from the Borders Edge Vol. 1:

Seed of Creation

Wolf Red radio producer at Germany's 24h/day web -streaming radio launches "The Borders Edge Special" weekly show on

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