Kori L Carothers Interview - Legends Album

Post date: May 12, 2016 4:29:56 PM

Wolf Red: Did you come from a “musical family?”  

Yes I do.  My Maternal Great Grandfather sang and was an actor in the early 1900s. My Paternal Grandmother composed and also played piano in the early 1920/30s in movie theaters during silent movies. 

Wolf Red: When did you decide that it was time to get your music published?

Kori: I have always wanted to publish my music, but did not know how to go about doing that until 2004.  Can you share a few words about your experience in producing your early albums? My earlier albums were a work in progress.. meaning I really need to learn how to be a better player, and producer. I like to think of them as stepping stones.

"If done right, you can convey heart felt messages"

Kori L. Carothers, Interview (by Wolf Red) - May 2016

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Editor's Note: Kori L Carothers was a guest artist on Sequential Dreams "Legends" Album.

Interview by Wolf Red , radio programmer at Modul303.com - Listen to Modul303.com for the best in electronic music!

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Wolf Red:  Can you say a few words about your musical heritage and background?

Kori: I grew up listening to music of all types.  My parents owned tons of 45s and LPs of soundtracks from the 60s.  I even had my own album of Polkas! My favorite though was The Grand Canyon Suite by Ferde Grofé.  Every time I listened to it, I would cry, I don’t know why! 

Wolf Red: You’ve been working with Imaginary Roads Studios over the last few albums. Can your share a bit of your experience working with them?

Kori: I was introduced to Will Ackerman in early 2008 by Jeff Oster - talented composer/flugelhorn player.  I began working with Will at his Imaginary Road Studios in late 2008 early 2009.  We released “Trillium”.  I loved it there so much, the inspiration there filled my spirit and I actually wrote music while working there.  Will is a perfectionist, and worked me hard.  It taught me to be very prepared musically.  In 2014, I returned and worked with him and Tom Eaton.  I am a much better composer/musician since those experiences. (Editor's Note: Alternative takes of Kori's "Fire in the Rainstorm" are included in the Sequential Dreams "Legends" album)Wolf Red: You will be contributing a few tracks to the Sequential Dreams “Legends” album releasing Summer 2016, will this be your first time on an electronic music production?

Kori: I actually have released electronic music via Jeff Silverman from Palette Records in Nashville, TN.  He is an amazing producer and musician in his own right. 

Wolf Red: Do you have any plans for further work in the area of electronic music? 

Kori: Yes I do. I want to write an album dedicated to the worlds of Anne McCaffery. 

Wolf Red: Can you talk about your interests and plans in this genre?

 Kori: I have always enjoyed the electronic musical elements.  There is so much that one can do and compose.  If done right, you can convey heart felt messages.  I plan on working with other musicians and releasing singles.  To me that is a fun idea! 

EDITOR's NOTE: Read  "Legends" album producer, Ron Charron (a.k.a.: Kuutana) on the production of the album and work with Kori in this interview.

Kori L Carother credits on Sequential Dreams "Legends" album:

"A Day Like No Other"- Click to listen on BandcampPiano, vocals, percussion and bass produced by Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton, recorded and mixed by Tom Eaton at Imaginary Road Studios. 

Kori Linae Carothers - Piano

Noah Wilding - Vocals 

Jeff Haynes - Percussion 

Tom Eaton - Bass

"The Kindly Beast' - Click to Listen on Bandcamp

Kori Linae Carothers - Piano

Keyboards, guitars, and arrangements specific to this release by Kuutana,

Final mix and mastering by Ron Charron, Borders Edge Music.


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