Altered Timelines

Post date: Sep 08, 2016 10:55:37 PM

"The titles for this compilation of instrumental cinematic electronic music 

were chosen with Time Travel as the inspiring theme"

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    What if you took an extra minute before heading out for the day, or if you had chosen to turn left instead of right at that turn? A timeline is created by every such decision. But what if you had the power to journey into time and start making changes? What would be the full ramifications?

The titles for this compilation of instrumental cinematic electronic music were chosen with Time Travel as the inspiring theme.

"Altered Timelines" is a compilation of music from these projects: The Roboter, Sequential Dreams, Sundown Cafe, and Starship Trooper.

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released September 2, 2016

All titles were composed, arranged, performed, mixed, and mastered by Ron Charron under different project names, except for the track "Mysterious Vibes" from the project Sundown Cafe, which was a collaboration with Austrian musician Celestial View.


You can find most of the tracks in this album by following the links for these Borders Edge Music productions. "Time Fractures" under "The Roboter" project, is a new, previously unreleased track.

Track#, Title, Project Name (featured musician), Album name

Track# 01 - Altered Timelines, The Roboter, The Motoko Files: Cyber Prophecy

Track# 02 - Time Fractures, The Roboter, Previously Unreleased

Track# 03 - Journey to the Heart of Time, Sequential Dreams, Lost Dimensions

Track# 04 - Mysterious Vibes, Sundown Cafe (Celestial View), Close to Your Heart

Track# 05 - Spacewalk, Sequential Dreams, Aurora

Track# 06 - Solar Storm, Sequential Dreams, Aurora

Track# 07- Alignment, Sequential Dreams, Aurora

Track# 08 - Collider, Sequential Dreams, Aurora

Track# 09 - The Wheel of Life, Starship Trooper