Distant Signals

" Combines a base of electronic music with regular rock staples such as electric guitars, 

phase- distorted organs, and copious drums and percussions"

What is Space Rock? During the introduction of electronic music and what is known as the psychedelic rock years, a number of rock bands started experimenting with synthesizers and many new types of special effects units. These were very unconventional in the sound that they produced. Perfect for the psychedelic era of the 70s, where so many things were put into question and new forms of art and expression were the new standard.. This compilation album, called Distant Signals, combines a base of electronic music with regular rock staples such as electric guitars, phase- distorted organs, and copious drums and percussions. 


Album Detailed Description: 

You'll be hearing newly arranged versions of Sequential Dreams' "Fantastic Stories" album, with the new versions of the first track called "The Ice Canyon of Miranda", The fifth track called "Orbital Burn", and the ninth track called "The Singing Bells of Mars". 

In the second track you will hear a new track from the latest Sequential 

Dreams Legends album. The track called Canyon Oasis features ex 

Tangerine Dream guitarist, Bernhard Beibl on guitars and Kuutana on synthesizers and other instruments. Note that the newly rearranged track called "The Ice Canyon of Miranda" also contains some slide electric guitar from Bernhard Beibl as well. In the third track we'll be hearing another Sequential Dreams Legends album track called One Giant Leap. The image originally thought out by composer Kuutana is that of the moment that humankind first set foot on the Moon. 

Then, in the fourth track we hear the album title track called "Distant Signals" from the "Lost Dimensions" album by Sequential Dreams. This features Dave Davis in collaboration with album producer Kuutana. 

After we listen to the newly arranged Orbital Burn track by Sequential Dreams, we then continue on with Starship Trooper, with a track Space Patrol. Starship Trooper is in a style of music also known as art rock, made popular by the British band, Yes. Then, we follow with the seventh track of this album, a track called Orbital Maneuvers from the Midnight Airship project. 

We then come back for one last Starship Trooper track, with "The Great Pond in the Sky". Note this was composed as a tribute to the late 

great bassist of Yes, Chris Squire. Our last rearranged and remastered track for today's compilation is The Singing Bells of Mars, again from Sequential Dreams. And finally, to close the show, a pure space track called Kuu (which 

means moon in Finnish) composed by Kuutana.


released June 25, 2016 

Original album cover artwork by Steven Barber


Versions of the tracks on this album have previously been released in the albums listed below. As mentioned in the album description, many tracks are new (**) album-only rearranged, re-recorded, and re-mastered versions.