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A few select scenes from The Motoko Files: Cyber Prophecy

Cyberpunk RPG (GPT)

A  "Cyberpunk RPG"  a Text-Based Role-Playing game available on OpenAI's GPT Marketplace.

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Our offering is a beta test offering. Although the GPT has some 'awareness' of the Motoko Files story, the story lines in the GPT will only be partially influenced by the story, and will more specifically be based on the 'cyberpunk style' of stories.

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The games are trained on their respective books. So if you read a passage of the book and would like to explore what the game comes up with, then type a command using language from the book.


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You make your own adventure!

Trained on the story of THE MOTOKO FILES: CYBER PROPHECY the role playing game (RPG) is an interactive story telling adventure powered by OpenAI. The game will generate new scenarios based on your answers to prompts, or any text you may write!

The images can be generated by you by writing "create an image describing the current scene" or other ChatGPT image building prompts. Give it a try!

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Meet Major Motoko, a woman sculpted from the nexus of technology and humanity. In a city pulsating with neon lights and digital shadows, she embarks on a journey that is as much about tactical prowess against cyber threats as it is a deeply personal quest for identity. Motoko's story unfolds in a New Shinjuku that has emerged from the ruins of war, reborn through the symbiotic fusion of flesh and cybernetics.

In this future, technology is not a mere extension of self but the very fabric of being. As Motoko navigates a landscape where cybernetic enhancements are the norm, she confronts an enigmatic entity, the Platinum Prophet, whose revelations challenge the very nature of consciousness. The story weaves a rich tapestry of ethical dilemmas, existential questions, and the eternal human struggle for meaning and connection.

"The Motoko Files - Cyber Prophecy" is more than just a nod to the cyberpunk genre; it is a narrative that resonates with the questions and possibilities of our current technological era. It projects them into a future that is both imaginative and unsettlingly plausible. With its blend of action, introspection, and visionary technology, this novella is a must-read for fans of cyberpunk and the "Ghost in The Shell" series, and for anyone intrigued by the dance of technology with the human spirit.

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Major Motoko slowly comes back to consciousness, sitting on the ledge of a tall New Shinjuku City skyscraper. Images and sensations slowing coming in. What brought her there? Why can't she remember?

The Cyber Task Force investigates city-wide incursions of the entity called 'The Platinum Prophet'

Motoko and team investigates...

Motoko Restores from Cloud, reassembling her fragmented memory.