Starship Earth

posted May 29, 2022, 12:16 PM by Ron Charron   [ updated May 29, 2022, 12:16 PM ]

Themed in support of both Environment Day and Oceans Day
All life on this planet is riding on Starship Earth 

Released on a week marked by both Environment Day and Oceans Day, this compilation of themed tracks selected from Borders Edge Project Albums marks the critical fact that all life on this planet is riding on Starship Earth and is entirely dependent on its life support systems for their continued existence.

Track#, Track Name, Original Album Name, Project Name, Artist(s) 
01: Ocean Sunset Romance, Undiscovered Shores, Kuutana, Ron Charron 
02: A Voice in the Wilderness, Chrysalis, Sequential Dreams, Ron Charron 
03: Breath of Life, The Infinite Divide, Sequential Dreams, Arend Westra and Ron Charron 
04: White Sailboat Out on the Blue Sea, Sunset Dreams, Sundown Cafe, Celestial View and Kuutana 
05: Canyon Daydreams, Star Lost, Sequential Dreams, Ron Charron 
06: Canyon Oasis, Legends, Sequential Dreams, Bernhard Beibl and Ron Charron 
07: Purple Twilight, Learning to Fly, Midnight Airship, Ron Charron 
08: Destination Terra, Quantum Earth, Sequential Dreams, Johan Tronestam and Ron Charron 
09: Between Me and The Sea, Falling Towards Atlantis, Luna Firma, Eric 'the' Taylor and Ron Charron 
10: Terra, Second Horizon, Kuutana, Ron Charron