Jupiter Mission

posted Jul 30, 2016, 6:29 PM by Ron Charron   [ updated Jul 30, 2016, 6:31 PM ]

"A wide palette of sounds providing rich sonic tapestries enhancing the overall cinematic experience"


    Over the last few decades, a multitude of different styles of electronic music has evolved. With the vast range of sounds offered by synthesizers, it was only normal that electronic music would make its way into the world of soundtracks for visual productions. These productions often differentiated by a wide palette of sounds providing rich sonic tapestries enhancing the overall cinematic experience. As modern day synthesizers increasingly provided vast libraries of sounds, both synthetic and from recorded sound sources, the cinematic experience has grown into a genre of its own. Remove the video, and you still have a rich cinematic experience provided by rich soundtracks which give the listener opportunities to fill in the scenes with their own imaginations. 

This compilation album, titled "Jupiter Mission", is a selection of "Action Cinematic" electronic music chosen because of their rich evocative potential in action and adventure scenes. Sit back, close your eyes, and turn your own "internal projector" as you blast off into a space of your own creation! 

You can listen to this compilation album's radio launch on "The Borders Edge Special" show on www.modul303.com during this album's pre-release stage. 
Starting Sunday July 31 at Midnight ET/US, 9pm PT/US, 6am CET, 5am UK 
and again at 8am ET/US, 14h CET, 13h UK, 
Then Tuesday 6pm E/US, 3pm PT/US, 11pm UK 
Wednesday Midnight CET 
Friday 19h CET, 18h UK, 1 pm ET/US, 11am PT/US
releases July 31, 2016 

Versions of the tracks on this album have previously been released in the albums listed below. 

(Track#, Track Name, Artist, Original Album source) 

Track# 1, Kurenai, Sequential Dreams (Ryo UtesatoKuutana), Legends 
Track# 2, Solaria, Sequential Dreams (Synthesist, Kuutana), Cosmic Touch 
Track# 3, Blue Galaxy, Sequential Dreams (Celestial View, Kuutana), L3G4CY 
Track# 4, Destination Terra, Sequential Dreams (Johan Tronestam, Kuutana), Quantum Earth 
Track# 5, The Universe Builders, Sequential Dreams (Celestial View, Kuutana), Quantum Earth 
Track# 6, New Shinjuku City, The Roboter, The Motoko Files: Cyber Prophecy 
Track# 7, Jupiter Mission, The Roboter, The Motoko Files: Cyber Prophecy 
Track# 8, The Hex Eye of Saturn, Sequential Dreams (Kuutana), Fantastic Stories 
Track# 9, The Transwarp Incident, Sequential Dreams (Kuutana), Fantastic Stories 
Track# 10, Astral Vibes, Melotronik (Celestial View, Kuutana), Astral Vibes

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