High Voltage - Featuring Bernhard Beibl

posted May 30, 2017, 4:59 PM by Ron Charron   [ updated May 30, 2017, 6:18 PM ]

"Featuring the "High Voltage" contributions of guitarist and violinist Bernhard Beibl."

This Borders Edge Records Compilation features a selection of Electronic Rock tracks featuring the "High Voltage" contributions of guitarist and violinist Bernhard Beibl.

Released May 26, 2017 

Bernhard Beibl was born and raised close to Vienna, Austria. 
After learning violin for 8 years he added playing guitar at the age of 14. 
He studied Jazz-Guitar at Joseph Haydn Conservatory Eisenstadt, Austria with Gerald Gradwohl were he graduated with distinction. 
Guitarist of Tangerine Dream 2006-2014 
Guitarist and Violinist on Sequential Dreams projects 2016 and 2017. 
Visit berhardbeibl.com for news and information. 

Other artists featured on this album 
Ron Charron: All tracks, Synthesizers, Guitars, Arrangements 
Chris Pearre: Keyboards/Synths on "Pleadian Prophecy" 
Arend Westra: Keyboards/Synths on "Booster Separation" 

Tracks from this compilation album were selected from these Sequential Dreams albums also available on Bandcamp: 
"The Exodus Wave" (2017) 
"Legends" (2016) 

Albums mixed and produced by Ron Charron at Borders Edge Studios in Canada 
(c) 2016, 2017 Sequential Dreams 
(P) Borders Edge Records 
bordersedge.com for more details, reviews, interviews, and information. 
Album Cover Photo (c) Andreas Müller www.muellerphotos.com