Aquatic Dreams

posted Jul 16, 2016, 2:23 PM by Ron Charron   [ updated Apr 6, 2019, 4:53 AM ]
"Deep ambient soundscapes and music which celebrate the aquatic theme"

The call of the sea, is an indescribable force which calls out to the souls of those who hear its cries and whispers. Life comes from the sea and in the end, Life may yet find a way to claim it back. 

This compilation album celebrates the deep calling of the Oceans and Seas, with a selection of tracks from Borders Edge Records artist projects Kuutana, Luna Firma, and The Color of Sleep, sharing deep ambient soundscapes and music which celebrate the aquatic theme. 

Sit back, relax, and get ready to travel into the deep, with Aquatic Dreams. 

On Saturday July 23rd, an extended "Aquatic Dreams" theme show called "Dream of the Sea" was presented on At Water's Edge show on which reatured the album with additional unpublished tracks and where a live video presentation of the photo artwork collection "Aquatic Dreams" of Silva Capitana was presentedd. Watch the replay of the show on the embedded YouTube player below, or visit the show site here:

Releases July 24, 2016 

Cover Photo June 2016 © by SILVA WISCHEROPP aka SILVA CAPITANA (see footer note for details) 

"Dream of the Sea" - At Water's Edge (featuring Aquatic Dreams)

Although there a few never-before released tracks included in the album (**) , some of the tracks on this album have previously been released in the albums listed below. 

Track# / Track Title / Artist / Original Album 

Track# 1 : Sunken Treasure, Kuutana, Serenity 
Track# 2 : Glass Bottom Boat, Luna Firma (Eric "the Taylor", Kuutana), Falling Towards Atlantis 
Track # 3: Timeless, Kuutana, Rebirth 
** Track # 4: Deep Sea Blue I, The Color of Sleep, Previously Unreleased 
Track # 5: SeaGreen III, The Color of Sleep, SeaGreen 
** Track # 6: Deep Sea Blue II, The Color of Sleep, Previously Unreleased 

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