Sequential Dreams - Star Lost

posted Dec 11, 2021, 8:42 AM by Ron Charron   [ updated Jan 14, 2022, 9:34 AM ]

Released January 1, 2022 
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<<Undoubtedly one of the artist's finest albums (...)
 The nebulous wave of the synth and its pads with crystalline breaths (...) Majestic!”>> 
<<"Simply Marvelous!" says Paul Baker, radio show host "Soundscapes" UK Radio Tamworth>>
 after radio play on Radio Tamworth 106.8 FM UK Dec 22nd.
<<Perfect Album!>> Beata Pardela, EL-Stacja FM Radio.
<<Very Very Good Tracks, an album to listen to.. Absolutely!>> 
(translated from French show host Yannick Edom) after play Toulouse (FR) 
98.1 FM FMR Radio's Mirage show Jan 13, 2022.

Track Listing

  1. Once Upon a Dream (05:29)
  2. Sun Cruiser (06:07)
  3. Connected Spaces (04:42)
  4. Lightwave Rider (06:15)
  5. Star Lost (07:37)
  6. Time and Space (11:52)
  7. Canyon Daydreams (04:32)
  8. Astral Plane (07:00)
  9. August Moon (06:33)
A classic sci-fi theme of an intrepid family of space travellers, thrown off course into uncharted space by unexplained forces... 
Sequential Dreams 12th full album release uses layered classic and modern synthesizer sequences and dreamy pads to provide a cinematic score for your minds eye journey into deep and unknown reaches of space.
releases January 1, 2022 

(c) 2021, 2022 all tracks composed, performed, mixed and mastered by Ron Charron 
(c) Album cover artwork by Greta Heron
In memory of the bright Star, Lost to the heavens in 2015. Thank you Edgar Froese for all the inspiration.
Factoid: This album was initially to be titled 'Once Upon a Dream' (A reference to the TD influences and the 80s sound of many of the tracks on this album). However, as I set on my choices for album cover artwork, the title 'Star Lost' was chosen.
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