Sequential Dreams - Lost Dimensions

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"... Simply exhilarating ... inescapable to the fans of Tangerine Dream, all periods aimed "
  1. Journey to the Heart of Time 22:52
  2. Across Dimensions (Altocirrus, Kuutana) 15:22
  3. One Thousand Years (Johan Tronestam, Kuutana) 06:00
  4. Arrival Point (Synthesist, Kuutana)05:27
  5. Distant Signals (David Bruce Davis, Kuutana) 05:27
  6. Brave New World 07:25
  7. Descendants 14:04

Album Preview

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Altocirrus (on Across Dimensions)

Johan Tronestam (on One Thousand Years)

Synthesist - Chris Pearre (on Arrival Point)

David Bruce Davis  (on Distant Signals)

Contributing composers and performers: 
Kuutana, Altocirrus, Johan Tronestam, Synthesist, David Bruce Davis 
See track information for more details. 

Mixed and mastered at Borders Edge Studios in Canada 
A Borders Edge Records productions 
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The album cover art is titled “Robinson Crusoe 3015” - original digital art by Andreas Schwietzke and used with permission for this album. 
Lost Dimensions

 “Lost Dimensions” is Sequential Dreams’ sixth album. The album is inspired by the sci-fi concept of a time traveller that escapes imminent danger to Earth by travelling one thousand years into the future. 
Most tracks evolve through many stages ranging spacy intros and breaks, progressive synthesizer driven sequences overlaid with multiple layers of evolving melodies and themes making for rich textured soundscapes. 
“Lost Dimensions” is a collaborative album with teamwork including contributing artists from Canada, Finland, Ireland, and the USA and is a truly international production. Each contributing artist has released many solo or other collaborative albums under other projects and bring their experience and passion to this album. 

Music from Sequential Dreams and its contributing artists is played regularly on both FM and Web radios worldwide. You are invited to visit for news, or on facebook at  or all things Sequential Dreams on this site.

Track Descriptions 

Journey to the Heart of Time 
Facing imminent disaster here on Earth, a time machine is build to use newly developed applications of quantum teleportation. Preparations are made for a "Journey to the Heart of Time" 
(Composed and Performed by Kuutana) 

Across Dimensions 
As the time traveler's capsule crosses the quantum threshold, a kaleidoscope of dimensions appear. Any change in phase and the capsule could emerge in an unknown dimension. 
(Composed and Performed by Altocirrus and Kuutana) 

One Thousand Years 
Maintaining quantum phase integrity, the time capsule emerges a thousand years into the future. 
(Composed and Performed by Johan Tronestam and Kuutana) 

Arrival Point 
Earth, a thousand years into the future. Many years after the projected meteor collision that would have decimated most life shortly after embarking on the journey. 
(Composed and Performed by Synthesist (Chris Pearre) and Kuutana) 

Distant Signals 
Having set up shelter in the remains of the time capsule and after adapting to the strange new wildlife and surroundings of this new Earth, the traveler starts capturing signals which seem to be emanating from Mars 
(Composed and Performed by David Bruce Davis and Kuutana) 

Brave New World 
Communications with an colony settled on Mars led to a local team of Martian archeologists preparing to visit the traveler. 
(Composed and Performed by Kuutana) 

Evolution was taken into hand by early Martian colonies. With resources thinning out, the Earthers needed to adapt their physiology to their new home planet. The traveler was amazed to see how much change took place over the course of a millennia. Was he now the sole human being in the Galaxy? 
(Composed and Performed by Kuutana)