L3G4CY on Harborough FM - April 11, 2015

posted Apr 1, 2015, 12:24 PM by Ron Charron   [ updated Apr 10, 2015, 2:41 PM ]
This news just in from Terry James Hawke of Harborough FM in the UK: (Facebook event page)

April 11th:
'Lady-Hawke Dorthe' & I invite you join us as we interview Kuutana about his musical career and most of all the latest album from 'Sequential Dreams' - 'L3G4CY"

Time: 9pm EDT / 8pm CDT / 7pm MDT / 6pm PDT & MST

Radio Station Web: www.harboroughfm.co.uk

Additional Details 
Session 3: 'Kuutana Serenity' & 'Sequential Dreams' Interview'
1. * David Arkenstone: "Night Traveler": 2xCD Ambient World
2. *: "Tunnels": CD (See 1.)
3. + Sequential Dreams: To Seek Out New Life: CD Remembering Spock 
4. +: "Legacy': New CD 'L3G4CY' ^
5. +: "The Sea Of Stars": Feat 'Johan Tronestam': CD ^
6. +: "Spirit Trance": Feat 'Synthesist': CD ^ 
7. +: "HyperSpace": Feat 'Altocirrus': CD ^ 
8. +: "Blue Galaxy": Feat 'Celestial View': CD ^
9. +: "Orbital Maneuvers": Feat 'Midnight Airship': CD ^
10. +: "Light Beyond The Abyss": Feat 'Kuutana': CD ^

11. ** James Asher, Sandeep Raval & Carolina Maggio : "Breaking Good": New 2xCD 'Drum Travel'
12. **: "Beside The Blues": CD (See 11.)
Now, if you'd like to win a Free Download copy of 'L3G4CY' then here's what you do. 
As soon as the Session starts send an e-mail to:
To: studio@harboroughfm.co.uk
Subject: 'L3G4CY' Download'
Add: Your full name
Plus: Make sure e-mail address is legible
'Lady-Hawke' will number the e-mails coming in and 'Kuutana' will call the 5 numbers and these will be passed on to 'Kuutana Serenity' who will send you an e-mail with the Download Codes - Good Luck, and Thanks, Ron!! 
Support Info:
1: & 2: www.david arkenstone.com/
Interview with David Arkenstone and Charlee Brooks is scheduled for June 13th
11: & 12: www.drumtravel.co.uk/
Interview with James Asher is sheduled for June 6th
Radio Station Web: www.harboroughfm.co.uk
Tracks 3: to 10: are excerpts only and comply with UK Broadcasting Rights