L3G4CY Album Details

"Jaw-droppingly good"
A Review of Sequential Dream's Fifth Album "L3G4CY"


Sequential Dream's fifth New Berlin School style electronic music album  
Track List:
  1. Legacy
  2. The Sea of Stars (with Johan Tronestam)
  3. Spirit Trance (with Synthesist)
  4. Hyperspace (with Altocirrus)
  5. Light Years Away
  6. Blue Galaxy (with Celestial View)
  7. Escape Velocity
  8. Orbital Maneuvers (with Midnight Airship)
  9. Light Beyond The Abyss (with Kuutana)
  10. The Phoenix

 Composing, performance by Kuutana on all tracks, and on collaboration tracks, features composing and performance by Johan Tronestam, Altocirrus (Sean and Clare McCarthy), Synthesist (Chris Pearre), Celestial View, and Midnight Airship. Final arrangements, mastering, and production by Borders Edge Records' Ron Charron. Mastered at Borders Edge Music Studio in Canada.