The Exodus Wave Interviews - Bernhard Beibl

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<< Just take a seat on the next spaceship to Mars and make sure
 to bring your copy of “The Exodus Wave” on board! >>

Bernhard Beibl Interview (by Wolf Red) - January 2017

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The following is the transcript of an interview with Radio show host Wolf Red

Wolf Red:
 Can you say a few words about the instruments you used during the recording of your work on The Exodus Wave?

BB: The electric guitars used on the tracks were my orange Ibanez RG and my Fender Telecaster RK played through Marshall TSL 100 Head and or Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (formerly belonged to Edgar Froese btw :) 
Also a Fractal Audio Axe FX8 was used for some parts.
The Marshall 1960A cab was miked with Shure Beta57, SM57 and Audix i5.

 Acoustic guitars used:
Takamine EAN40c & Taylor 314ce
Martin Backpacker Steel String
Frameworks Nylon String

Mics used: Akg C414 stereo pair & Shure SM57

E-Bow:  Thomastik Infeld strings on all instruments

Recording Software: Steinberg Cubase
Interface RME

Excerpt from "Telemetry" from the Sequential Dreams "The Exodus Wave"

Wolf Red: Would you have any opinions to share on differences between the 
sound of the previous Sequential Dreams album “Legends” versus the latest album “The Exodus Wave”?

BB: The Exodus Wave sounds has a bit more of a space movie soundtrack. 
There are a lot more soundscapes and sound-FX while Legends was more song-oriented IMHO.
So just take a seat on the next spaceship to Mars and make sure to bring your copy of “The Exodus Wave” on board! 

Wolf Red: Sequential Dreams has often made reference to having some Tangerine Dream influences, musically speaking. Given your own previous experience playing guitar with Tangerine Dream, could you qualify to what extend you feel Sequential Dreams has musical similarities with TD? 

BB:  For sure every electronic band sounds a bit like TD. Some have been more influenced and others less. I think Ron (a.k.a.: Kuutana) is a huge TD fan - so i guess he’s on the “more influenced”-side of the force! 
And, for sure if you put some tracks played by the guitarist who played 8 years for TD into an electronic music project there might be some little similarities… but no bad ones I hope! 
To me the sound and the music of Sequential dreams seems a bit more fresh… a bit more modern… that’s why i really enjoy being part of this project for the 2nd time already!

Wolf Red:  Would you have words to share on how working on Sequential Dreams projects, in such a remote fashion, has been different to you than working on your Tangerine Dream albums in the past?

The most special part in working together with Ron is that we never actually met in person. Everything was done via internet. But still it feels like working together with a very good friend who’s just sitting in the other studio room.
Only thing missing - the final beer after a recording session.  But who knows! I guess we’ll have that in the future!
I’m usually totally free playing over songs and even rearranging them. With TD I sometimes brought up some nice solos and then overnight Edgar might have totally cut the solo track and reordered some parts or changed the sound or even sometimes reversed parts of the solo to create some “new” or sometimes “strange” sounds - I didn’t always like that ‘cause I’m still into “pure” rock guitar sounds!  I’m very happy that Ron doesn’t change anything what I  send him and that he seems to like the pure and honest guitar tone as well! 

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Close-up photo used in this interview (c) Andreas Mueller 
TD Lorelei group photo (c) 2008 Wolf Red