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posted Dec 9, 2013, 8:40 AM by Ron Charron   [ updated Jan 24, 2015, 1:05 PM ]
We'd like to thank Rebekkah Hilgraves for her on-going support of Borders Edge Musicians on her wonderful program "At Water's Edge" ( on
Here are a few airings of the show, featuring Borders Edge Musicians (there are links to podcasts too): Photo by Sylva Capitana
The Berlin-schule (Berlin school) is a style rather than a place (although most of its early practitioners were in West Berlin). Begun in the 1970s, it encompassed a particular style of electronic music, and some of the innovative early records formed the basis of ambient music. Klaus Schultze, Tangerine Dream: you know many of the names.

All about critters on this week’s edition of At Water’s Edge: some new tracks, some old tracks, and we run the gamut of sounds from experimental to highly lyrical and everything in between. We feature stunning nature images from Faery Dust in the video program.

Story Time (Sept. 27, 2014): The Roboter's "Motoko Files: Cyber ProphecyRadHaus audiobook edition [replay] [download]
Ambient music shapes itself incredibly well to narratives in one form or another, whether implied or literal. This week’s edition of At Water’s Edge features both. We’ll hear tracks that create a story in the listener’s mind, and we’ll hear tracks with actual narrated stories. So sit back with your tea or coffee or chocolate, and prepare to be regaled…

The Dragons (Aug. 31, 2013): Kuutana Waking Sun Album  [replay] [download]
Creatures of mystery and great power (and often fragile tempers), dragons have been an integral part of our lore for millennia. Friends, enemies, saviors, mystics, strangers: they embody all that is mysterious about our existence. Join us today as we visit the dragons in their myriad forms. Today’s music features an album from Kuutana, and works by Juta Takahashi, Vir Unis, Saluki Regicide, Byron Metcalf and Steve Roach, EL Heath, A Produce and Rose Red.

Nudder Riddim Sho' : Featuring Kuutana's Album "Undiscovered Shores"
More beats this week on At Water’s Edge. Join us for another rhythm/rhythmic ambient show featuring music of Mystified (a set he created especially for this program), Bryan Carrigan, Oneironaut, Kuutana, Christopher Alvarado, Ancient Future, Arjen Schat, Dan Pound, Siegmar Fricke, TouchXTone and Rapoon.

Still My Guitar : Featuring Kuutana's Album "Second Horizon"
As a continuation of the “git” theme we started some weeks ago, this edition of At Water’s Edge is dedicated to music built around the guitar and its big brother, the bass guitar. This week we hear from Crows Labyrinth, Jack Hertz and Cousin Silas, Stephen Briggs, Har, Disturbed Earth, Jeff Duke, Dennis Moser, aka “usr/sbin, aka “AldoManutio Abruzzo” … Kuutana, and our featured artist this month, the recently departed and immensely talented Kevin Haller. Peace, brother. Your light will be missed here.

Touch The Sky : Featuring Kuutana and Cousin Silas (new track version also on Sequential Dreams' Cosmic Touch)
Lots of new music, and collaborations at that, on this week’s edition of At Water’s Edge. We’ll hear the entire new release “Menagerie of Clouds” from Christopher Alvarado and Ari Porki, and a track from Cousin Silas and Kuutana called “For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky”. Both of these releases are first-time collaborations, and both are very successful!
 (no podcast this week due to technical difficulties–my apologies!!)
In addition to her frequent airplay of Borders Edge musicians, we'd also like to point out her wonderful voice acting contributions on The Roboter's "The Motoko Files - Radhaus Audiobook Edition"

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